Kublai Khan Summer Palace Tickets

Kublai Khan Summer Palace is located 15 kilometers east of Dundahot Town, Zhenglan Banner. It has the unique folk customs reception facilities of Chahar grassland. There are twenty Mongolian yurts, which can accommodate 200 people for dining and more than 100 people for food, accommodation , travel, travel, entertainment, shopping, one-stop service in pure pastoral style.

Service items: grassland scenery tour, cultural relics tour, folk customs tour, grassland hunting tour, grassland Nadam campfire party, folk song and dance performance, wrestling, archery, horse racing, horse show; ethnic diet, accommodation in yurts, experience herder production , Lifestyle, taste dairy products, take Mongolian yurts; provide tourists with national costumes, horseback riding, camel riding, and lele carts; sacrifices to Aobao, chanting, and ethnic weddings.

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