Main drifting spots around Beijing

Rafting-Location: Luohe River, Yanqing County The Luohe River has a total length of 15 kilometers, an average water depth of 1.5 meters, and a maximum drop of 1 meter. The Luohe River is known as the East Rhine River. There is no pollution or man-made damage here, and the original natural style is basically maintained. In the scenic area, the trees are arboreal, the water is green, the air is fresh, and the air is cool and pleasant. It is the best place for people to ecotourism. Passing through more than 100 sizes, it looks like a green turning corridor. In the meantime, there are many attractions such as Lover Island, winding paths, Youhua Beach, Magpie Forest, and so on, and 9 cascading waters and white waves rolling,

Related information: There are more than 400 boats, rafts and boats. 100 yuan / person, has begun to receive tourists. Tanghe rafting-Location: Tanghekou Town, Huairou County Tanghe rafting is 15 kilometers. Due to the unique topography of this area, the population is sparse, and the original features of natural landscapes have been preserved more. Therefore, return to nature is a major feature of Tanghe rafting. You can see several different landscapes: sometimes high mountains and canyons with thousands of walls; sometimes deep forests and dense birds, haunting birds; sometimes mountains and rivers, smoke and smoke; sometimes horizontal mountains, clouds and high sky … Because there are few people and vegetation is abundant, Both sides of the river have become a bird s paradise, and sometimes the state protects birds such as the white crane. special peculiar is that the water of the Tanghe River is crystal clear and the water of the Baihe River is yellow. Therefore, at the jun ction of the wide Tangbai River, drifters can also see the strange and clear landscape with two waters racing.

In addition, the Tanghe rafting is truly follow the waves, and feel the endless fun of sports in its natural flow. The average velocity of the Tanghe River is 1.38 meters per second. There is no rowing, and the role of the paddle is only to control the direction. But there is no shortage of thrilling stimuli. The widest section of the rafting river reaches 200 meters at its widest point and nearly 50 meters at its narrowest point. In addition, there are more than ten rivers turning sharply , thus forming a rapid and slow flow, allowing the drifter to fully appreciate the ups and downs. Among them, there are four or five major turns. The drop is large and the water is rushing. The drifting boat rushes forward in the big ups and downs, which is frightening. Relevant situations: There are dozens of professional kayak, including: professional rafts for 6 people, ordinary rubber boats for two people, military reconnaissance boats for 6 people and military lifeboats for 4 people. 100 yuan / person. Visitors are expected to start in early June.

The first drift in the north of Beijing-Location: About 13 kilometers in the drifting area of ​​Longtanyu Tourist Area, Liulimiao Township, Huairou County. The cliffs and cliffs on both sides of the strait are like cliffs and axes, which are as spectacular as the danger of the Three Gorges., The beach is shining, the pebbles are rolling, just like the beach on the sea; suddenly the shore willows are light, the river grass is sloppy, and the river fish grass prawns are easy to swim in. There are many historic sites along the rafting, including the Chinese horsewoman Mu Guiying s Shangma Stone Ruins, Ancient Plank Road Ruins, Stone Man, Stone Urn and other landscapes. When rafting, you can compete, entertain, and speed up the raft. You can also drift on your own. You can have fun alone and share with the whole family. For example, a couple escort is more poetic.

Related information: There are dozens of existing kayaks. Tickets are 15 yuan. Long drift: 150 yuan / person (15 kilometers); short drift: 30 yuan / person (1.5 kilometers). Visitors have begun. Yongding River Canyon Rafting-Location: 15 kilometers of drifting in Gongting Town, Huailai County, Hebei Province. The mountains and clear water of the Yongding River Canyon are not the Three Gorges, they are better than the Three Gorges. In the middle of the rafting, you can also swim and swim, boat fishing, climbing and hunting, and picnic camping, and enjoy the fun of life. Related situation: There are hundreds of existing rubber rafts, 98 yuan / person. Visitors have begun.

Drifting on the Pearl Lake Section of Yongyong River-Location: Mentougou District 6km in length. The current is turbulent and the drop is large, with a drop of 6 meters up to 20 meters. But because it is located in the middle of the Yongding River Canyon, the scenery along the way is beautiful. Tourists who want to have a thrilling ride should wait until 2:00 pm when the Gongting Reservoir releases water. Related situation: There are 20 rafts. 60 yuan / person. Around mid-June

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