Mangrove Nature Reserve

Mangroves are a unique viviparous woody plant community in tropical and subtropical coastal intertidal zones. They are known as marine forests. They are secret, magic, and leaning on the sea. Rare plant. The national mangrove forest nature reserve in Shankou Town, Beihai is located in Hepu County, Beihai City. The coastline is 50 kilometers long and covers an area of ​​8,000 hectares. Fertile, suitable for mangrove growth, protected mangrove area of ​​7.2 square kilometers, a total of 12 kinds of mangrove plants such as mangrove, candel, tung flower tree, etc., is well developed in Guangxi and even the mainland coast of China, with large patches and typical structures To protect more complete mangrove areas. In October 1990, it was listed as one of the first five national marine nature reserves by the State Council. In May 1991, it was designated by the State Oceanic Administration and the People s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as a national-level mountain pass mangrove ecological nature reserve, and it has recently joined the UNESCO Network for Man and Biosphere Reserves.

The mangrove ecosystem is one of the most diverse and highly productive marine ecosystems in the world. Mangroves with leafy and dense roots provide ideal places for marine life in and around the forest to develop, grow, inhabit, and ward off enemies. Their large amount of litter provides a rich source of food for marine life, so the reserve is protected. The nearby waters are home to the national first-class protected animal dugong (mermaid), and a national-level dugong protected area has been established in this area .

Dugong is a herbivorous marine mammal whose name is directly transliterated in Malay. The dugong looks for seaweed like a cow, chewing and swinging its head constantly, so it is also called a manatee, a local name It is a mermaid. Its body is gray , fat and fat. It can be used as medicine, its meat is delicious, and its skin can be tanned. Because of this, it has been repeatedly killed by humans and is now endangered. It can be seen in very few seas around the world. Therefore, the status of the national dugong reserve in the Beihai Mountain Pass is particularly important.

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