Metropolitan Museum of Tourism

The Metropolitan Museum is located at the Zhougong Temple, east of Dingding Road in Luoyang. The main contents are the performance of the five capitals of Luoyang and the history of the construction of the ancient capitals. The museum was officially opened in September 1989. The planned exhibition area is about 8,000 square meters. The southern area is the ancient architectural complex of Zhougong Temple. The galleries on both sides of the axis line display the life stories of Zhougong. Historical relics, charts, and statues are used to represent major events such as Zhougong s requisition and the construction of Luoyi. The North and East Districts are the historical exhibitions of the construction of the ancient capitals and five large-scale open-air model exhibition areas of the capitals (Xia, Shang, Zhou, Han , Wei, Sui and Tang). The western area is a small garden, with small bridges and flowing water, pavilion trees scattered, famous flowers and grasses, and Xuanyuan cover. The Met ropolitan Museum is a new type of museum integrating ancient architecture and gardens.

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