Paraglider pilot level and technical requirements

Class A is ground-flying: it means that the paraglider is flying on a hillside not higher than 100 meters, and students who have completed the preliminary training course can get the Paragliding A Class Certificate issued by the Hang Gliding Committee of the China Aviation Sports Association

Level B is altitude gliding: means that the paraglider flies over a certain area at a sufficient height (above 300 meters) and distance, completes the intermediate training course and passes the subject assessment. The participants can meet the conditions of flight time and number of flights. Apply for an upgrade;

D class is hot air soaring: It refers to the paraglider using thermal updraft to carry out the empty time; it belongs to the intermediate and advanced flight level certificate;

Class E is long-distance flight: refers to the use of updrafts for cross-country flight away from the take-off point. Paragliders are required to complete at least three long-distance flights of more than 50 kilometers in the official competition under the premise of accumulated considerable flight experience and flight hours flight. Each level must be separated by at least six months.

The total number of flights is not less than 100 times, and the total blanking time is not less than 20 hours; there are flight experience in more than 3 different venues, each site has a minimum of 5 flights, of which 3 or more blanking periods are not less than 1 hour.

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