Paramotor fly like a bird

If there is a sport that allows people to fully experience the intertwined taste of true stimulation, absolute loneliness, total despair and relief, would you like to try it?

I gave myself a pair of wings, completely melted in the blue sky, and enjoyed a moment of escape from the gravity. This is an innate dream of human beings. It is said that Da Vinci had conceived a parachute in his youth and left several decent drawings. From these fuzzy drawings, posterity believes that this young man has always dreamed of flying. It is also possible that Da Vinci finally became a great painter because of this indescribable feeling of floating in the air.

Paramotor is a surreal fashion sport. It has only been a few years since entering Chongqing. Few people really play paramotor. Fortunately, Guan Fei is one of them.

Before and after the National Holiday, Guan Hai s Haiqiao Aviation Club has been performing paramotor flight demonstrations in this city, Sichuan, Guangxi and other places, and finally returned to Chongqing for landing. On the morning of October 19th, at the Chongqing Real Estate Fair, Haiqiao Aviation Club was invited to conduct a flight show. Guan Fei and his companions wore flight suits and helmets, carefully checked the machines and other equipment, and after a short run-up, with the thrust of the engine and the lift of the umbrella, they flew into the sky, roaring motors and bright umbrella flowers Attracted many residents to stop and watch. Umbrella flowers bloom in the sky. They drove the paramotor gradually away from the noisy city and noisy crowds of traffic, overlooking the vast land. Guan Fei said: I can feel the freedom of flying at high altitudes, the relaxation of the mind, the beauty of thoughts and the flying of dreams, which make people intoxicated in the unrestrai ned way forward. Only you can participate in the experience.

Twenty-three years ago, Guan Fei changed his career from the army and learned that the Haiqiao Club had enlisted a parachute pilot and signed up. His perception was very high, he successfully pulled the umbrella on the first day, gliding smoothly the next day , and flew into the sky on the third day. Unlike others learning to play, I have paid so much for the paramotor, and I expect greater returns from the paramotor than others. I am more eager than others to achieve success on the paramotor . Until now, Guan Fei s right ankle was still There was a screw because of a broken leg while practicing a paramotor.

Although the paramotor is the easiest powered flying tool, and it is an emerging sports fitness and athletics project, it represents a new urban culture with the characteristics of challenging life and being close to nature, and is known as the brave exercise. The paramotor s personality, freshness, and exciting romantic style have made it popular among elites of all ages.

Ouhai Bridge Club generally conducts training in Jianping and Huayan, and enthusiastically trains the majority of flying enthusiasts. Interested readers can follow some of the famous outdoor forums in Chongqing, which have a lot of news about their training and learning. Chongqing has many mountains, many fogs and many buildings, and the flight conditions are relatively harsh. However, thanks to the efforts of the Haiqiao Club, Huayan and Kunping in Chongqing have become famous paraglider flying and learning venues in the southwest.

Is like a famous line in the West: it is because of sports and adventure that every small blood vessel in our body is as hard as a steel wire. Do you want to get an airplane driver s license? Not only exaggerated, but also luxurious (about 100,000 yuan). Want to parachute from a skydiver? Not only primitive, but also the Chongqing Umbrella Tower has long since been deactivated.

It is understood that the majority of people learning powered umbrellas are high-income earners and white-collar workers. They often belong to the more competitive, innovative and challenging spirit of the crowd. They are innovative and like to try things that others haven t tried. But flying brought them far beyond their imagination. When they were flying intently in the air, they had no thoughts, no stress, and no timidity.

A parachute enthusiast who just landed said: In the air, we only have a sense of pride and satisfaction in grasping ourselves, a sense of freedom and freedom like a bird, and a confidence that can accompany the blue sky.. While learning to fly, I need to constantly enrich my knowledge of meteorology, geography and other knowledge. Even sitting at the computer desk, my inner vitality is still growing, and my body is flying like a bird. ”Paramotors are the safest of all aircraft. Guan Fei said, The wing of several tens of square meters has more than 200 umbrella ropes, and the pull force of each umbrella rope is 60 kg, even if most of the umbrella ropes are still broken. There is no danger. If the engine is parked in the air, the paraglider will become an ordinary paraglider, which guarantees normal flying and landing. Because of this feature, the paraglider can also be called a powered paraglider.

Guan Fei said: The moment I drove the paramotor off the ground, when I was flying in the air and saw the eagle hovering under my feet, the kind of satisfying pursuit of excitement was enough to make everyone addicted. So, the paramotor Enthusiasts gave it a very different name-air opium. The paramotor is a very mature and safe sport. All healthy people can practice and can use the paramotor to fly freely in the air. The point is based on the efforts of the practitioners themselves.

He said: In principle, a powered parachute is an air flying sport that can be carried out in any season and at any time. The cold and hot weather of the climate is determined by everyone according to their own physical conditions. One of the most dangerous factors when flying is a change in airflow. Every sport is in danger. I can t resist the fun brought by the paramotor. Flying in the sky, it is my own soul that comes in contact with God. This is a real experience of a paramotor enthusiast. Only flying allows me to temporarily forget the hardships of life and concentrate on enjoying my life.

The paramotor originated from paragliding. But paragliders can only take off on hillsides, which cannot meet the needs of enthusiasts in the plains. In 1984, the French invented a special airfoil parachute that used mechanical power to take off on flat ground and then soar freely . This was the paramotor, and it was introduced to China in 1989.

The paramotor can be divided into single and double according to the number of passengers, and can be divided into back and wheel according to the flight mode. The propellers are mostly air-cooled with two strokes, and the flight time is several hours. According to media reports, the current world record for paramotor flight altitude is 4850 meters, which was set by the Chinese.

Powered parachute can be used for flight training, tourism, aerial work, disaster area observation, aerial photography, flight show and commercial advertising flight. Because it has low flight noise, is not easy to be detected by radar, takeoff and landing conditions are not high, and can be adjusted in the air, etc., it has been listed as the airborne and special forces equipment of various countries.

Powered parachute combines the characteristics of paragliding and ultralight aircraft. Compared to paragliding: it doesn t require ideal hillsides and airflow to rise, level, and descend in the air. Compared with ultralight aircraft: it does not require an airport, and it only takes a few tens of meters to take off on an open field.

Chongqing Haiqiao Aviation Sports Club Co., Ltd. is the earliest professional company engaged in aviation sports with flight qualifications in Southwest China. The club has many national coaches and pilots, which can provide a space for flying enthusiasts to dream of flying.

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