Rafting in Shennongxi, Badong, Hubei

Shennongxi is located in Badong County, Hubei Province. On the north bank of the Yangtze River, it originates from the southern slope of Shennongjia Nature Reserve. It flows from north to south in the mountains and mountains., With a total length of 60 kilometers and a relative slope of more than 2900 meters. Now open

The rafting line is 20 kilometers. In the Jinzhuxia, Yingwaxia and Longchangxia, two Tujia villages are stringed with beads, there are more than 30 dangerous beaches and long beaches, one mile, three bays, bays and bays. The cliffs on both sides of the strait are pinched, and the rock coffin planks are clearly visible. The cave waterfalls are everywhere, the bush vegetation is lush, the mountain flowers are overflowing with fragrance, the yellow sheep crickets are haunting, the rock swans are flying, the monkeys are playing, the streams are green, and the wild is full of fun. By pea horn boat

The rafter drifted down and deeply felt the mountain heroes, beach dangers, and beautiful scenery; Shennong trackman upside down, Tujia mountain people s Saerya , and the original leaves Baogu Shao are intoxicating and lingering.

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