Shenzhen Children’s Park Tickets

Shenzhen Children s Park is located on the southwest side of the Yayuan overpass in the bustling downtown area of ​​Luohu. It is bordered by Dongmen Middle Road in the east, Tongle Road in the south and west, and Sungang East Road in the north. It has three gates: east, south and north. The east gate is near Dongmen Middle Road, the south gate is near Tongle Road, and the north gate is from Sungang East Road.

There are more than 40 varieties of arbor and shrubs in the garden, mainly evergreen broad-leaved trees, and more than 10 palm family plants, such as King Coconut and Fructus Betel, etc.; Deciduous trees include Aralia chinensis, Ficus grandifolia; shrubs include Shuixiangxiang, Dragon boat flowers, etc. There are 15 amusement items suitable for children of all ages, such as small trains, single and double strollers, paddling pools, bumper cars, cable cars, whitewater inrush, pirate ship, animal world, golden dragon tackle, happiness express, etc. Children s preferred entertainment place.

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