Shopping guide in Berlin, Germany

One of Berlin s shopping hot spots is undoubtedly the prestigious Kurfuerstendamm (commonly known as the crotch street). This shopping street in the heart of the former West Berlin is home to many international brands, Fendi, Cartier, Lagerfeld, Joop, Jil Sander , Chanel and other brands all have their own specialty stores here. In these well-decorated showrooms, light-colored wooden components, black spatial structure and elegant material combinations make shopping an unusual experience. As long as there is no shortage of banknotes in your pocket, you can buy a variety of high-end consumer goods, from watches costing 50,000 euros to Chanel s diamond-studded black cocktail dresses, from handmade wild boar leather men s shoes to 4,000 euros in eyeglass frames.

Style Friedrichstraße has a different style from Electoral Street. It exudes the vitality and playfulness of young people, and is a new shopping area in the east of Berlin after the reunification. Friedrichstraße was originally the location of key figures of the East German government, but has changed its face this morning. In the middle of the street is the Galeries Lafayette department store from Paris, and this street is located in the 21st block with more than 100 fashion stores, no worries about the exquisite shopping environment. Visiting Friedrichstrasse in winter is fun, and the artistic lighting at night adds a lot of fun to shopping.

For those who are not too concerned about the shopping atmosphere and environment, a trip to the suburbs of Berlin can also be rewarding. For example, there are many brand-name discount stores on the way to Potsdam or the Schindau district. These stores are located in the old In the factory buildings of Japan, people can buy authentic designer clothes at a low price. precious worthy of recommendation is a discount shop called B5 located at No. 1 Shiban Road. In this store, you can find all kinds of brand names, from boutique dresses to sports and leisure, whether it is the Italian designer Armani or the casual brand Benetton or Tommy Hilfinger, Adidas, Nike And other sports clothing. This store has more than 100 brands with more than 40 counters. And the price can t help but be tempted: Most of the direct selling prices here are 30% to 70% lower than the manufacturer s suggested retail price.

Cardiway is the largest department store in continental Europe. It has everything and leads the world s new trends. From the first floor of cosmetics and jewelry, there are men s and women s fashion, books, CDs, tableware, furniture and kitchen utensils. The high-end food area on the top is famous and you must try it.

P \\ u0026 C Fashion Store is a tall multi-storey building. There is a wide range of fashions, whether youth-style or white-collar, or ultra-high-end haute couture, where your wishes are met.

Modern The modern building with glass lighting cones of the department store itself will make you unhappy. In addition to French fashion, there are also fashion accessories, perfumes and interior decoration. In the underground business hall of the department store, you can also enjoy French -style fast food.

Akadan is located in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin s new city centre. This three-story modern shopping mall includes various stores such as fashion, design products, shoes and more.

SIn Stilwerk, a unique five-story building, there are 57 stylish furniture and home decoration stores. The goods are famous for their new and unique shapes, and there is a restaurant for you to take a break.

角 The magnificent architecture of the Horn of New Krantsler building is impressive. The famous Kranzeller Cafe was preserved in the 1950s, and the new building is a glass fiber reinforced plastic structure with a modern architectural style. There is a bird market on the inner courtyard , surrounded by a variety of brand-name shops and fashion shops, making the Corner of New Kranzelle a favorite shopping place.

A variety of tourist souvenirs are available for purchase in the European Centre, the tourist service center on the south side of the Brandenburg Gate, the tourist information cafe on Alexanderplatz, and the information points at Kadwell. There are all kinds of Berlin bears, Berlin Wall commemorative blocks, typical German beer mugs, stamps and other products for you to buy, leaving a good memory of your trip to Berlin.

Tourists outside the European Union can refund goods purchased from Germany and taken out of Germany when they leave the country. After you shop at a store with the Tax-Free logo, fill out a tax refund form in the store. You can go through tax refund procedures when you leave the customs. You must show the original packaging when you go through the formalities. Refunds can be paid instantly or by transfer.

Generally speaking, from Monday to Friday, the Berlin store is open from 10 am to 20 pm and is open all day. From June 2003, the store will also be open until 20:00 on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays and holidays. When there are big events, the store is open on a few regular Sundays.

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