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One of the ten scenic spots in the gate of Dole Temple, the name of the scene is Dorle Morning Light. It is located in West Street, Jixian City, covering an area of ​​10,500 square meters. It was built in the Tang Dynasty, and the Guanyin Pavilion and Shanmen in the temple were rebuilt in the Liao Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,000 years and is one of the oldest existing wooden structures in China. It is said that Anlu Mountain betrayed the Tang Dynasty , where he swore a teacher. He likes to be alone, so he is famous for his temple. The temple is composed of Shanmen, Guanyin Pavilion and East and West Side Hall.

The facade of Laoshan is three wide and two deep. The bucket arch is equivalent to one-half of the column. It is strong and strong. It is a typical Tang Dynasty style. It is the earliest ancient mountain hall in China. The plaque of Dule Temple hung on the mountain gate is said to be the subject of Yan Song, an official of the Ming Dynasty. There are two tall statues of Heavenly Kings guarding both sides of the mountain gate, commonly known as hum and ha second generals, are treasures of Liao Dynasty color sculptures. The long tail of the main ridge of the mountain gate of Dule Temple turns to the inside, like a starling flying, very vivid, and it is the earliest real tail of the ancient architecture in China.

The main building of Guanyin Pavilion is five wide and four deep. The plaque of Guanyin s Pavilion is hung on the eaves of your lord, and is said to have been written by Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty. The Guanyin Pavilion is 23 meters high and wooden. It is a collection of wooden structures in China. It is the earliest existing wooden structure in China. The Guanyin Pavilion seems to have only two floors, but it is actually a three-story ancient wooden structure-between the upper and lower floors, there is a dark layer surrounded by waist eaves and sitting railings. Inside the pavilion is a statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva, which is 16.27 meters high. It is a clay sculpture art treasure of the Liao Dynasty and the largest statue of Guanyin in China. The tall statue of Avalokitesvara stands on the Xumi seat in the center of the cabinet, passes upward through the second and third-floor platforms, and enters into the bucket-shaped octagonal well on the top floor. Avalokitesvara likes to be lo w-eyed, smiley, and close as if on earth. In order to show the high power of the Goddess of Mercy, the shaper created another ten small Goddess of Mercy on top of the Goddess of Mercy, hence the name “Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy . On both sides of Guanyin, there are two bodhisattvas standing, rich in appearance and graceful in posture, in the same vein as the paintings of Tang Dynasty ladies. On the four walls of the Guanyin Pavilion, colorful murals are painted . On the sides of the gate of the south wall are the statues of the king with four arms and three heads and six arms. These are the essence of ancient art.

In the temple, there are 28 Qianlong Book Wall Tablets. Rectangular, both horizontal and vertical, embedded in a special low wall. All are poems written by Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty. The mural was originally placed in the palace of Qinglongfu Temple at the boundary between Jixian County and Zunhua Qi. Later moved to the Maxianqiao Conference Hall in Jixian County, which was embedded in four walls (later changed to Maxianqiao Middle School). In the 1980s, due to the expansion of the bridge reservoir, Ma Shenqiao was submerged, and the wall monument was moved to Dule Temple.

The hotels and accommodations in Qiji County are also very easy to find. The price of accommodation is generally about 100 yuan. In summer, it is easy to travel from Jixian to the Huangyaguan Great Wall, Panshan Scenic Area, and the Zonghua Eastern Tomb.

Four Beijing Sihui Coach Station is the original Beijing Guangqumen Coach Coach Station. Today, the Coach Coach Station in Maquan is cancelled, and the bus service has been relocated to Sihui Coach Station.

At the 24h Huisi Coach Station, there is a car to Tianjin Jixian at the earliest at 6:30 every morning. It takes 100 minutes on normal roads, the fare is 15 yuan, and there is a bus at 8:30 in the morning . This bus is more suitable. The latest bus from Jixian to Beijing is at 4:30.

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