Tickets for Chen Duxiu’s Former Residence

The former residence of Chen Duxiu is located in the stone wall courtyard on Heshanping, southwest of Jiangjin, about 15 kilometers from the city. It was originally the former residence of Yang Ludi, a scholar of the Guangxu dynasty in the Qing Dynasty. It has a typical Qing dwelling style.

The stone wall courtyard is named after a stone wall surrounded by two feet high. Chen Duxiu moved here from the nearby Shijia compound in 1939, and lived in the former wife s room. Chen Duxiu lived here until his death on May 27, 1942 . He lived for four years. There are 31 relics in brown boxes, leather suitcases, wardrobes, pans, copper teapots, bags and clothing.

Du Chen Duxiu is the forerunner of the Chinese New Culture Movement, the commander-in-chief of the May 4th Movement, one of China ’s enlighteners and founders, and a pioneer of the national torch.

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