Tomb of Zao [Xiangnan, Tibet]

The tomb of Zao is the tomb group of Tubo Zanpu from the 7th to 9th centuries AD. It lives in the southwest of Qiongjiezong Mountain in Shannan. It belongs to Qionggu District of Qiongjie County and is the largest preserved king of Tibet in Tibet. The tombs are backed by Muya Mountain, and in front of the Yalong River, it shows that the Tibetans had attached great importance to the fengshui of backing the mountains and water. They tower high above the plateau, with the aftermath of the westerly winds and the lingering Xiaoran, and the Yalong River below it has a silent east stream. They form a very special scenery and are now a national key cultural relics protection unit.

The cemetery area visible today is 2076 meters long and 1407 meters wide, with a total of about 3.06 million square meters. According to the inscriptions described in the literature, the tombs can be identified by the tombs of Songtsan Gambo, Tombs of Mansong and Mt . Tomb of Zan, Tomb of Chisong, Tomb of Chisong, and Tomb of Rondamar. The shape of the tombs is almost the same, all of them are square flat tops, and some have been round and flat due to long-term erosion and erosion. They vary in size and are not arranged neatly, most of which are tens of meters high, resembling hills. They are all compacted by earth and stone, and each layer is 15-20 cm thick. Kingdom of the King contains : Nine grids in the tomb of the King of Tombs, the remains of Zanpu in the center, painted with gold, and the tomb is full of treasures. Most of the tombs of Zao were stolen in their early years, something Zamps couldn t imagine.

It is rumored that Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng were buried here as well as generations of Zamp. Except for individual tombs, most of the tomb owners have no test. Among the tombs, the largest is the tomb of Chide Songzan, the son of the princess of Jincheng. The square is sealed, with a side length of 180 meters and a residual height of 14.7 meters. There is a square column stone in front of the tomb. Covered with embossed flowing clouds, the four corners are carved with flying sky , and the lines are beautiful and delicate. The dragon is carved on the side of the monument, the ancient Tibetan characters are engraved on the front of the monument, praising the achievements and achievements of Chide Songzanzanpu s life, and the shape of the tomb.

It is best to visit the Changzhu Temple at the same time, so you can charter the car all the way down. If you go to the tomb of Zao alone, you can only rent a four-wheeled motor vehicle or take a shuttle bus from Zedang to Qiongjie County, and then rent a car to go. This is not very cost-effective.

Transportation at the Tomb of the King of the King of Tibet: In Zedang passenger car, CMB or find free or chartered car. Zedang is about 38 kilometers from the tomb of Zao, and a chartered car costs about 150.00-200.00 yuan. A passenger car or a CMB car costs 5 yuan per person, and a round trip costs 10 yuan.

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