Travel reference: Qinhuangdao experience

The Great Wall of China is like a giant dragon. The place where the head enters the sea is Qinhuangdao, the only city in China named after the emperor. Connecting Qinhuangdao s many attractions when traveling will definitely make you happier.

260The existing 260 kilometers from the Northern Qi Dynasty to the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty in Qinhuangdao, each section embodies the essence of history. Some of these Great Walls have become well-known tourist attractions after being developed and repaired, and some still maintain their original style, while the Great Walls at the old dragon head, Jiaoshan, Sandaoguan, Yiyuankou, Dongjiakou, Nazibang are more suitable for walking.

Qinhuangdao was named after Qin Shihuang s eastward visit to seek elixir for life. Since then, Emperor Hanwu, Cao Cao, and Tang Taizong have all come here. Qin Huang prayed for the immortal to enter the sea, the century-old port and other historical sites, silently elaborated the past and present of Qinhuangdao.

Dai Beidaihe, one of China s four largest villa areas, has been designated by the Qing government as a summer resort for people of all countries since 1898. The garden villas here are a collection of different styles of Chinese and foreign buildings. Now tourists can not only visit celebrity villas such as He Yuehan Villa, Garden Villa, Mahide Villa, Wufeng Tower, etc., but also rent them here.

Beibei Daihe is the earliest seaside resort developed in China. Spend time in Beidaihe, Nandaihe, Changli Gold Coast, Yansai Lake Scenic Area, Safari Park, and spend a romantic holiday with sea water, beaches, trees and animals.

The coastline of Qinhuangdao is 126 kilometers long, the beach is gentle, and the seafood is abundant, which is very suitable for fishing at sea. Dongshan Pier, Beidaihe Pier, Nandaihe Xianluo Island, Changli Emerald Island, etc. can be fished at sea . If you want a richer harvest, you can go out to the sea and fish with the fishermen.

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