Wuyuan Erbi Lake Tourist Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Lianbi Lake is northeast of Wuyuan County, 2 kilometers away from the city. It is famous for Ning Lake, Liyuan in the north, Bagu Mountain in the west, and a dam in the southwest. The water surface is 18 square kilometers, with an average water depth of 11 meters and a maximum depth of 32 meters., Formed about the same time as Erhai Lake. The waters of Lake Bibi are clear. The precious aquatic plants in the middle reaches of the lake, Bibihua, and the hot spring at the bottom of the lake forms the natural wonder of the water flower tree. People once said, Who speaks the Qiansheng River, the source is more clear here.

In winter, the water is cold and withered, and most of the trees have fallen leaves to hibernate, causing many tourist attractions to lose color. The only thing in the Bibei Lake is the red plum and winter orchids. Therefore, Bibi Lake has become a scenic spot visited by Dali and Lijiang in the winter and spring festivals, and it has become a halfway boarding station and tourist spot for tourists to and from convection.

Libi Lake is 73 kilometers south of Dali City and 58 kilometers north of Jianchuan Shibaoshan Scenic Area. The scenic area includes Yuhu Town, Wuyuan County, where Eryuan County is located, Jiugong Hot Spring, Chengbei Jiuqi Hot Spring, and Oubi Lake with an area of 8 square kilometers.

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