4 diet prescriptions

Treatment of insomnia: take a black chicken, wash it in the clean room, simmer it in boiling water, and cool it; take another 30 grams of Yejiao, wrap it with gauze, put it in the chicken belly, add the appropriate amount of ginger slices, salt, Rice wine and water are first boiled with Wuhuo, and then boiled with simmering heat until the chicken is cooked, seasoned, pick out the medicine pack, eat meat and drink soup.

Treatment of insomnia, dreaminess and rheumatism and pain: 60 grams of Yejiao, soak in warm water for a while, add 500 ml of water to decoction about 300 ml; add 50 grams of rice, 2 jujubes, appropriate amount of sugar, and fry until porridge Thick, 1 hour before going to bed at night, while hot food, even 10 days as a course of treatment.

Treat women with weak cough, leucorrhea and bloating: take 120 grams of chicken feces rattan and 120 grams of red plantain, stew with chicken 1 until the chicken is rotten, eat meat and drink soup.

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