Acne Food Therapy

The human body mainly relies on food to obtain nutrients, and through dietary conditioning, the yin, yang, qi, and blood balance in the human body is achieved. There are both external and internal causes of acne. In addition to medication, these internal problems can be treated from the inside to the outside with food therapy. The therapeutic formula has a significant effect on reducing and eliminating acne. Studies have shown that the occurrence of acne is related to the lack of certain vitamins in the body, so eating foods rich in vitamins is beneficial for the treatment of this disease, such as taking more vitamin C and vitamin A rich foods.

[Method] Boil the mung beans for 30 minutes and filter the juice; wash the cabbage, celery, bitter gourd, bell pepper, and apple into sections or pieces, squeeze the juice, add the mung bean juice, drip the lemon juice, and add honey flavor.

[Method] Diced cucumber; bean sprouts are removed from the bean skin, cooked with boiling water, removed and poured in cold water, drained. Add soy oil to the pot, and when you see it boil, add peppercorns and fry them into peppercorn oil. Dried red peppers with fried crisps. Put the diced cucumber on the soybean sprouts, add the onion, ground ginger, fried red pepper, pour the pepper oil, leave it for a while, then add the salt, monosodium glutamate, and mix well.

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