Black Bean Qi Jujube Soup Relieves Fatigue

Tired fatigue has existed for a long time. It is called liver fatigue in Tang Dynasty s Qian Jin Yao Fang, which refers to eye strain, dizziness, dizziness, orbital pain, etc. after the eyes are continuously overworked after being closely watched. symptom. Modern people spend a lot of time surfing the Internet, reading books, or watching TV, and with too much eyes are prone to visual fatigue. Here is a food therapy that helps prevent eye fatigue and blurred vision.

Practice: add an appropriate amount of water, boil with a rapid fire, boil with gentle heat until the black beans are cooked, you can take the soup and drink, you can also add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to dissolve and drink. This prescription is for two doses, one for each morning and evening. It has certain effect on relieving visual fatigue and dazzling eyes.

Efficacy: Chinese medicine believes that the head is liver qi, as the fatigue and liver blood deficiency, liver and kidney yin deficiency, so the name liver labor, in the treatment of emphasis on nourishing liver and kidney. Black beans are rich in protein, carotene, and vitamin B. They have the effects of nourishing kidney, strengthening yin, eyesight, and detoxification. Lycium barbarum is an essential medicine for nourishing the liver and kidneys, as well as improving eyesight and nourishing blood. Studies have shown that medlar also Have anti-fatigue and improve immunity. Jujube can strengthen spleen and nourish qi, nourish blood and soothe the nerves. Combined with three flavors, it can nourish liver and kidney, nourish yin and nourish blood, taking this prescription can help relieve visual fatigue. Taking this prescription often has a certain health effect on those with excessive eyes. When the symptoms of dry eyes and blurred vision are obvious, taking this diet can increase t he amount of chrysanthemum to clear the liver and eyesight, and its effect will be better.

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