Broad bean food

Early summer is the golden season for broad bean market and early adopters. Poet Yang Wanli, a poet of the Song Dynasty, praised: The light green pearls line the green pods, and the honey is soft and soft. Crisp, fresh and sweet, with unique flavor.

Tussah and broad beans are rich in nutrition and contain eight essential amino acids, especially phosphorus and vitamins, which are beyond the reach of ordinary dry beans. Broad beans are also low-calorie foods, which are lower in calories than other beans, so they are the best health food for obese people to lose weight and high blood pressure and heart disease. Medical research shows that broad beans have the ability to enhance human immunity, promote body development, protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, enhance memory, brain health, prevent senile dementia, improve gastrointestinal function, promote intestinal motility, breast blood circulation and milk secretion, and prevent And treatment of myopia, night blindness and other eye diseases, anti-cancer anti-cancer and other health effects.

Chinese medicine believes that broad beans are sweet and flat, and have the effects of replenishing the five internal organs, strengthening the spleen, and dampening and detoxifying. It can cure dysphagia, edema, nephritis, sore and other diseases, and can stop bleeding and lower blood pressure. Such as taking broad bean flour, brown sugar to eat food, can cure gluttony. Broad bean stewed yellow beef, or 60 grams each of broad beans and winter melon, decoction, all treat edema. Chen broad beans 120 grams, brown sugar, decoction, cure chronic nephritis. Fresh and broad bean boiled porridge, fast stomach and viscera, moisturizing bowel and laxative, effective for habitual constipation. Fresh broad beans are mashed into mud and applied topically to cure baldness. Broad beans also have a cosmetic effect, such as grinding broad bean petals into extremely fine powder to blow the face, which can make the skin delicate and shiny.

Tussah bean clothes, flowers, stems, leaves, etc. can be used to treat diseases. For example, take 150 grams of broad bean clothing, decoction three times a day, urination problems. Fava bean clothing is fried and ground, each take 10 grams, add sugar, and serve with boiling water to cure fetal leakage. Broad bean flower yin dried ground powder, take 10 grams with boiling water to wash, cure nose bleeds, vomiting blood, women s leucorrhea. Take 10 grams of dried broad bean flowers daily and drink boiling water as tea frequently, which can reduce blood pressure. Broad bean stalks are commonly known as broad bean stalks. Take 150 grams of them and decoct them like sweet wine to treat postpartum abdominal pain. Broad bean stalk 50 grams , decoction, cure water and diarrhea. 60 ~ 100 grams of fresh broad bean leaves, add brown sugar after decoction, take twice daily, and treat stool and blood. The broad bean shell is the skin of the bean in the pod. Take the fried coke and boil water for th e tea, clear the heat and relieve the fire, and treat children s summer heat.

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