Chicken Rice

As a chicken control, I want to say: I love to eat chicken no matter what I do! Although it is said that it is not safe to eat chicken, both of them can t quit this anyway. If they don t eat it every few days, they will be terrified. Some years ago, I ate rice at my mother-in-law s house. Although it was less labor-intensive than doing it myself, I couldn t think of what to eat.

Diced. (The size is up to you. If you like to eat large pieces, cut them big, and cut small ones. Personally, they prefer beautiful and beautiful ones, so they are not very big. One bite is most suitable for chicken control. Dont miss the delicious snacks— Chicken Rice Flower)

Add cooking oil, beat a few times, add salt, black pepper, oyster sauce, stir well, and marinate for more than 30 minutes. The effect is best overnight. (Put edible oil first, and beat it a few times, so that the surface is covered with a layer of oil, it is not easy to water when pickled, and keep the chicken taste fresh)

Remove again, put in bread crumbs, and wrap it again. (Still passing the Sanguan, but because the batter in the middle is thicker, the chicken skin will be much thicker)

The shabu-shabu is heated, poured oil, and heated to 70%. Chicken is sandwiched out one by one, put into the oil, and fried until the surface is golden. Remove, control the dry oil, and start eating! (If you like to be crispy, you may double fry it once. The oil temperature is higher, you can force out the oil inside, and the taste is more crispy.)

I used to try to rub the crumbs with toast or steamed bread and eat fried chicken. This method is feasible, but it is very resistant to frying, the color is very fast, it is easy to paste, and it wont be bought I don t know the specific reason, but it is recommended to use dandruff to reduce the fire power and be careful of the pan

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