Cold dew to hide your feet

There is a folk saying white dew does not show body, cold dew does not show foot. This sentence means that in the Bailu season, the elderly and children should not be shirtless. When it comes to cold dew, it is necessary to keep the feet warm …

Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to wearing warm shoes and socks, and do not expose the ankles. Every night, you should develop the habit of soaking your feet with hot water, because your feet are farthest from the heart and there is less blood supply. Soaking your feet with hot water can expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation and tissue nutrition in the feet, and increase the body s immune system. It can also reduce soreness in the legs and help sleep.

Dry weather in autumn, many people are prone to oral ulcers. There is also a large number of people with recurrent oral ulcers, which is medically called refractory oral ulcers. Mouth ulcers can be painful and sleepy. In fact, for those who are prone to recurrent oral ulcers, although the symptoms they present are in the mouth, the real root cause is in the spleen and stomach.

Many people with chronic gastritis and other diseases have weak spleen due to poor spleen and stomach function. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen is mainly transported with water and moisture. When the spleen transports poor water and wet functions, it can cause water to flood in the mouth, which provides a breeding ground for bacterial growth. Therefore, many people with repeated episodes of oral ulcers, when the stomach is better, the symptoms of the ulcer are reduced or disappeared, and when the stomach is severe, the ulcer is severe. Therefore, for patients with refractory oral ulcers, it is not only necessary to eat some heat-removing Chinese medicine, such as raw land, scutellaria baicalensis, etc., but also to fundamentally adjust the spleen and stomach functions, so as to eliminate the root cause of the disease.

After the cold dew, the weather is drier and the wind is gradually increasing. Many people will feel dry throat, dry skin, etc. This is mainly due to the dryness of evil spirits, which easily invades the human body and consumes the yin essence of the lungs. Therefore, eat more food that nourishes the lungs. Many people do not understand what food has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs. In fact, it is very simple to remember. The seasonal foods on the market are the best products for nourishing yin and lungs. Such as red dates, yam, lotus seeds and so on.

莲 Now many streets and alleys sell lotus flowers. Buy a few, peel some lotus seeds, and go back to porridge to drink, the effect is particularly good. There is a porridge called Lily lotus seed porridge. Select 30 grams of lily, 10 jujubes, 30 lotus seeds, and appropriate amount of rice. When cooking, first cook the lotus seeds for a few minutes, and then put the lily, jujube, rice, etc. in the pot. Boil, then switch to low heat and simmer for a while.

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