Common Chinese Medicine Snacks

One of the old Beijing snacks, made with sweet almond flour, crushed peanuts and sesame. It can help the skin to resist oxidation and prevent pigmentation such as melasma and freckles. It is a beauty product; and it is also suitable for people who smoke for a long time. Because sweet almonds enter the lung meridian, they can nourish the lungs and moisturize, relieve cough and asthma, and have a good relief effect on symptoms such as chronic lung cough, dry cough and no sputum; but almond tea is sweet and nourishing, which is not suitable for those who have cough and sputum. At the same time, Chinese medicine believes that the lungs and the large intestine look like each other, sweet almonds also have a good intestinal moisturizing effect, especially suitable for the elderly with constipation due to weak intestines, and those with chronic diarrhea should not eat more.

The traditional sour plum soup is made from black plum hawthorn, licorice, rock sugar, etc., which has a good appetizing and digestive effect; moreover, the sour plum soup is an alkaline food, which can adjust the acid-base balance of the human body. Chinese medicine believes that the sour taste can enter the liver, can replenish liver yin, and calm the liver fire; therefore, the plum juice soup is especially suitable for people with liver and fire. However, those who are sick and have real heat stagnation on the surface or inside should avoid acid harvest, and eating it is not good for the body. Furthermore, Suanmei Decoction can increase gastric acid concentration, so it is not suitable for patients with peptic ulcer and hyperacidity. Children s gastric mucosa is delicate, and it is not suitable for long-term drinking.

Although there are many herbal tea brands on the market, the main ingredients are mostly chrysanthemum honeysuckle, licorice, prunella, etc., which have the effect of clearing heat and purging fire and detoxifying; it is suitable for empirical fires such as sore throat, dry mouth, bitterness, constipation, Tongue red moss and yellow. However, if the yin deficiency is internal heat or the spleen and stomach are insufficient, and the yin-huo is on the charge, there may also be symptoms such as dry mouth and dry throat, constipation, and so on. It is not appropriate to drink herbal tea. In addition, they will also have yin deficiency or qi deficiency manifestations, such as hot flushes, night sweats, five upset fevers, or fatigue, abdominal distention, etc., which can help identify them. In addition, people with deficient spleen and stomach, such as some elderly people, have insufficient coke and yang, and drinking herbal tea for a long time will actually aggravate the cold in the body an d cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. It is better for children to drink less.

Loquat is made from duck pears or Sydney pears produced in autumn, processed with Shengjinzhike, moisturizing phlegm, chrysanthemum, fat sea, Chuanbei, Ophiopogon honey, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about drying the evil and hurting the lungs. Qiuli cream contains mostly moisturizing and yin-protecting products, which is especially effective for dry cough (yellow cough or cough with less phlegm, hoarseness, dry throat, etc.). But for the cold cold cough, wind-heat cough, phlegm drinking cough, cough caused by liver and fire, etc., sometimes worse. In addition, because Qiuli pear is cold, people with cold spleen and stomach, cold hands and feet, and diarrhea are better to eat less, and people with diabetes are not suitable to eat .

See More common in Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger has a pungent taste, and enters the lungs, stomach, and spleen meridians. Ginger sugar is indeed helpful in treating colds, but it is only suitable for patients with colds or fever after a cold or rain, but it cannot be used for patients with heat and cold, and it is not suitable for heat stroke. In addition, those who suffer from yin deficiency, fire, redness and pain , or suffer from carbuncle, gastric ulcer, diabetes, hemorrhoids, should not consume ginger sugar for a long time.

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