Constipation Diet Porridge

Constipation is a secret for many people. Constipation means that the constipation cannot be resolved, the defecation time is prolonged, or the stool is dry and hard, and the defecation is difficult. Constipation is very common in middle-aged and elderly people. The main cause is decreased bowel motility, which prevents intestinal fecal mass from being discharged to the sigmoid colon. Constipation is easily accompanied by many other diseases, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, insomnia, bad breath, obesity, bowel cancer, etc. Therefore, constipation should be actively prevented and treated. For the diet, don t make the food too fine, and you shouldn t be partial. You should increase the fiber content in the diet, such as grains, vegetables (radish, leek, raw garlic, etc.), and fruits (apple, red dates, bananas, pears, etc.) Get enough water. The daily water intake is about 2000 ml. Appropriate foods that help intestines, such as honey and yogurt. Eat less irritating hot foods, such as pepper, curry and other condiments, avoid alcohol or strong tea. The following diets are recommended:

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