Diet and nutrition

⑴Pork Liver + Spinach

Role: prevention and treatment of anemia. Principle: Pork liver is rich in folic acid, vitamin B12, and iron and other hematopoietic ingredients. Spinach also contains more folic acid (folic acid food) and iron (iron food). Two foods eat the same food, one vegetarian and one vegetarian supplement.

Braised Lamb + Ginger

Function: Tonic for winter deficiency, can cure cold pain in lower back, rheumatic pain in extremities and so on. Principle: Mutton can replenish qi and blood, warm kidney yang, and ginger can relieve pain and rheumatism. With the same food, ginger can not only remove the flavors such as fishy clams, but also help the mutton to warm and dispel cold.

⑶Fish + Tofu

Role: delicious, calcium, can prevent a variety of bone diseases, such as children (children s food) rickets, osteoporosis and so on. Principle: Tofu contains a lot of calcium. If eaten alone, its absorption rate is low, but when eaten with fish rich in vitamin D, it can have a better effect on the absorption and utilization of calcium.

Baked Chicken + Chestnuts

Role: blood supplement (blood supplement food) for self-cultivation, suitable for people with anemia. Principle: Chicken is a product of blood-making and deficiency, and chestnuts focus on strengthening the spleen. Chestnut roasted chicken not only tastes delicious, but also has stronger hematopoietic function, especially the old hen roasted chestnuts is more effective.

⑸ lean meat + garlic

Role: Promote blood circulation, eliminate physical fatigue and enhance physical fitness. Principle: Lean meat contains vitamin B1 and combined with garlic s allicin, not only can increase the amount of vitamin B1 precipitation, prolong the residence time of vitamin B1 in the human body, but also promote blood circulation and eliminate physical fatigue and enhance physical fitness as soon as possible.

(6) Tofu + Kelp

Addition of iodine and calcium supplement tofu and its soybean products are rich in nutrition and cheap, and can supplement the high-quality protein, lecithin, linoleic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin E, calcium, iron, etc. needed by the human body. Tofu also contains a variety of saponins, which can prevent the production of lipid peroxides, inhibit fat absorption, and promote fat decomposition; but saponin can also promote the excretion of iodine.

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