Dietary conditioning for eye fatigue

Eye fatigue is a common sub-health state, which is mainly due to a reduction in the number of blinks in the eyes when we pay full attention to the computer screen, which leads to a relative reduction in tear secretion. At the same time, a series of discomfort caused by the flickering screen strongly stimulates the eyes. It can cause pain in the corresponding parts of the neck, shoulders, etc., and can cause and aggravate various eye diseases.

Common Common symptoms of eye fatigue are dry eyes, astringent eyes, sore eyes, blurred vision, and even decreased vision, which directly affects people s work and life. The medicated diet for eye fatigue can be treated as follows:

Principles for choosing food: We eat more blueberries and cheese in our daily diet, which not only makes pupils beautiful, but also effectively relieves eye fatigue. Many studies have shown that blueberries have the effect of improving vision, and the blue pigment contained in blueberries , anthocyanins, has the effect of promoting blood microcirculation and maintaining normal intraocular pressure. A Japanese study also confirmed that blueberries can help alleviate vision loss. If you want to make your eyes more black and white, add cheese (or yogurt). Because vitamin B2 in dairy products can effectively eliminate eye congestion and turbidity.

More intake of vitamin A and carotene is also a magic bullet to protect the eyes and maintain normal vision. Without them, the eyes will be dull and the eyesight may be reduced.

Efficacy: Lycium barbarum is rich in β-carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, and iron. It has the effects of nourishing the liver, replenishing the kidney, and clearing the eyes. Fatigue and the deepening of near vision all have good adjuvant treatment effects.

Efficacy: Cassia seed has the effects of clearing heat and clearing eyes, nourishing the brain, relieving liver qi, and strengthening bones and bones. People with constipation can also drink it after dinner, which has a good effect on treating constipation.

Efficacy: Dandelion has bitterness, sweetness, and coldness, can enter the liver and stomach meridians, can clear heat and detoxify, and clear the liver. If you take this tea regularly, it can relieve swelling, clear heat and detoxify, and clear the eyes. Can be taken regularly, 2 times a day, after drinking.

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