Efficacy and function of bitter gourd and eating method

Bitter gourd can prevent cancer and cancer: Protein content and vitamin C can enhance our immune function, and immune cells can kill cancer cells. Trypsin inhibitors extracted from balsam pear seeds can control the secretion of proteases by cancer cells and prevent malignant tumors.

The effect of bitter gourd also lowers blood sugar: the juice of bitter gourd contains bitter melon glycoside and insulin-like substances, which can lower blood sugar and is suitable for people with diabetes. It also has health and beauty effects. In summer, women put on bitter gourd slices after ice, which can solve the problem of dry skin and moisturize fair skin.

There are many ways to eat bitter gourd. We can wash the bitter gourd and go to the melon and white part, slice it first and then cut the filament with a diagonal knife. Prepare some red bell peppers, shallots, minced garlic, soy sauce , sugar, salt, vinegar and sesame oil to make a juice. Put a little salt and oil after the water in the pot is boiled. Pour in bitter melon shreds for 15 seconds, and immediately rinse with water and drain. Add red pepper and green onion, drizzle the juice and mix well.

Can also cook chicken feet bitter gourd lean broth, using a bitter gourd, six chicken feet and 200 grams of lean meat. Wash the chicken feet, cut off the toes, and remove the blood and odor in boiling water. Bitter gourd head, tail , seeds and white scoop, cut into large pieces; add water to the clay pot, add bitter gourd, chicken feet, lean meat and ginger slices, boil over high heat, then cook on low heat for 120 minutes, then season and serve.

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