Gastrodia diet

Gastrodia can be taken in decoction or decoction, or used as a dietetic medicine. Gastrodia can be added when cooking, and it can also be drunk with Gastrodia. In recent years, some people have made Gastrodia elata into Gastrodia tea. Soaking it in water is also a good way to take Gastrodia elata.

60 grams of fresh Gastrodia, 3 eggs, 1000 grams of water. Put the fresh Gastrodia slices into the pot first, add water for 30 minutes, and then beat the eggs and cook. Can treat headaches and dizziness.

Applicable to epilepsy with liver wind and phlegm fever (common vertigo, headache, chest tightness, irritability, irritability, sudden fainting, unconsciousness, convulsions and saliva before attack, gradually waking up when moving, just like normal people after waking.

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