Gouty Buster on the Dining Table

Gout is a disease caused by disorders of purine metabolism and is more common in the elderly. This disease belongs to the category of bi-syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine. Here are some effective prescriptions for gout patients for selection.

Baked Garlic Eggplant 250g eggplant, washed and steamed, cut into strips, mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, garlic puree, monosodium glutamate and eaten, served every other day, suitable for gout writers.

Braised potatoes 250 grams of potatoes, 30 grams of vegetable oil, simmer first, followed by 30 grams of soy sauce, a small amount of salt, eaten after cooking, suitable for gout writers.

Baked radish soup 250 grams of radish (washed and cut into pieces), 50 grams of vegetable oil, Tong Zhi, followed by 30 grams of Baiziren, 500 ml of water, cook until cooked, add a small amount of salt, eat radish and soup. Suitable for gout.

Celery porridge 100 grams of celery (with root whiskers), washed and chopped, cook with rice 30 grams, 750 ml of water until the porridge is cooked, add a small amount of salt, MSG. Can be eaten regularly. Especially suitable for acute gout.

Boiled kelp 150 grams of kelp, 60 ~ 100 grams of glutinous rice, boiled together, without sugar, and drink any number of times. Both acute and chronic gout can be taken, and it has the effects of alkalizing urine and hydrating potassium. Potassium can inhibit the precipitation of uric acid.

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