Home-made practice

Shandong single cake, moderate thickness, toughness, chewy, can be eaten alone, can also be eaten with vegetables and shallots, miso, is the representative food of Shandong people. It is also the toughness of this pancake, the spicy taste of green onions , and the aroma of miso sauce that have made Shandong people upright and open-minded. Shandong single cakes use less water, only water and flour, and because the noodles are skillfully divided into cold water, hot noodles and fermentation, the taste will bring different experiences according to the changes in the dough. The method is simple, just need to remember the three tips to turn over twice, and you will be able to get it easily. Speaking of the tricks of Shandong pancakes, you must remember this sentence : the noodles should be soft, the awake noodles should be long, the kneading noodles should be hard, and the right time to turn over twice!

1. Compared with pure cold water dough, the hot noodles are easier to digest, so they are more suitable for the elderly.

2. After kneading the dough, be sure to fully blow it for about half an hour.

3, the dough is good, kneading steps can not be saved, be sure to knead the dough to be completely smooth and smooth.

4, the thickness of the cake can be based on personal preference, the thinner the cake, the more vigorous.

5. The turning time should be well controlled. The first turning is about 5-10 seconds, and just turn over the skin. The second turn is when the back has yellowish spots and many small bubbles.

6. After turning over for the second time, the air in the cake will expand, supporting the skin of the cake. At this time, you need to press with a soft thing to make it stressed. The air spreads in all directions. It is completely separated from the bottom and bulging.

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