How happy are foreigners to eat Chinese food?

It’s always a very proud thing for us to watch foreigners eat Chinese food, because many times they can’t even hold chopsticks and say that they are delicious. In fact, our food has conquered many foreigners and saved their empty stomachs.

Now we have sorted out some examples shared by netizens: how happy foreigners are when they eat Chinese food. As food eaters, we must sincerely thank our food culture, so as not to look like some foreigners have never seen the world before.

On the Internet, some netizens said: foreigners also like to eat hotpot, but foreigners do not order, so they seldom eat hotpot alone. We often take several foreign teachers and colleagues to eat hot pot. We all know their taste. Light, no parsley, and less chili oil. Every time several foreign colleagues would eat sweat dripping, said to us: very very good; what is the opposite table to eat? Oh my God! It’s delicious

Some netizens said: foreigners like to eat potatoes, not fried potato shreds. In Italy, the longest thing I can do in school is stir fried shredded potatoes. Actually, my cooking skills are very common, and the dishes are not very good. Now I have caught up with my mother in cutting shredded potatoes.

I remember the first time I made fried potato shreds in my dormitory, which caused a sensation in the whole apartment. A group of foreigners who had never seen the world thought that I had fried a plate of worms, and then ran to tell each other… Finally I knew that it was made of potatoes. The foreign students were completely shocked. I bought it! Potatoes can have this shape. Haven’t they ever eaten potato shreds? His meow is also called the mother of Western food. At last, they all cried for the delicious fried potato slices.

Potato silk

Another netizen said: I study in Spain. It should be very exclusive of foreign food here, and there are few Chinese restaurants. So I cook for myself a lot of times. Many snacks and seasonings are brought from my hometown. In fact, there are only a lot of them that are improved for the taste of foreigners. I’m not used to eating them.

Now I make Chinese food once a week. My foreign students like it very much. Every time it’s like a festival for them. They gather in their dormitories early to watch the funny American TV plays and eat Chinese snacks. Then they walk around the kitchen from time to time to supervise whether anyone steals. Because many times when I taste the food, many students say they want to taste it Taste it, eat it before you leave the pot… In fact, you don’t think how delicious I can do. In my mother’s words, “are they stupid…” many times I can’t control the salt quantity, they all say delicious! Yummy!

Foreigners eating Chinese snacks

Another netizen said: one of my foreign friends likes Beijing roast duck very much. I want to learn from him: I spread out a piece of cake devoutly, carefully clip on some scallion slices dipped in soy sauce and spread them in the middle of the cake, then select a few pieces of freshly cut duck meat, which is shining and oily, and put them on it. Then wipe your hands and fold the cake around, and put your arms on the table Son on, half squint eyes to the mouth, mouth bite slowly swallow, eat a roast duck, every time I see him eat roast duck I have a kind of impulse to hit people.

Beijing Roast Duck

Another netizen said: I often see foreigners eating Chinese food. It has to be said that many foreigners don’t have much difference from us. They like to eat fish, like to eat pork, and order a few bottles of beer to drink. Sometimes they compete to pay.

There are also netizens on the Internet who say: the first time we invite foreign customers to dinner, because they are not used to using chopsticks, when the boss is worried, several foreigners skillfully take out several sets of forks and spoons from the bag… Since then, no matter what they eat, we often order what we want, and they will eat happily.

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