How to make “blessed bag” cabbage bag

Cabbage is a homophonic hundred fortune, so sending cabbage as a gift implies a wealth of money. Chinese cabbage is a regular at the table, and it is said that Chinese cabbage in winter is as beautiful as bamboo shoots. Chinese cabbage has higher nutritional value, and there is a saying that a hundred vegetables is not as good as cabbage. Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Eating more cabbage can have a good effect on skin care and beauty. In traditional folk customs in many places, during the Spring Festival, two home-cooked dishes, namely long-leaf cabbage and green cabbage, are meant to last forever and be innocent. On the dinner table of the Chinese New Year, it is natural that this cabbage with a good meaning is also indispensable. I hope that the hundred dollars of wealth come in the next year, so this blessed bag cabbage bag also means that the blessing is full and the wealth is abundant, bringing wealth to the family..

Chinese cabbage leaves should not be damaged as much as possible. 焯 Hot until softened and then remove the cold. Add some salt in the water when the scalding is hot to make the cabbage leaves uncolored. Coriander is best to use the kind with longer leaves and stems. After the bag is finished, you can trim the cabbage leaves above to make it more beautiful. In the end, do not thicken the coriander juice. The transparent coriander juice looks better and tastes clearer.

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