How to make fatty beef assorted pot

It s autumn, and the weather is getting colder. At this time, eating hot pot or something will not be the same as taking a bath. Like to eat hot pot, not only can make the vegetables more flavor, but also eat a variety of vegetables, nutrition can also be more comprehensive. However, eating hot pot is time consuming, and it takes a lot of dishes to put the dishes. You can eat whatever vegetables you like. This is a good pot, especially when you add hot pot base. It smells very fragrant and spicy. Of course, this assorted pot can also be called Mala Tang. Our Taiyuan s spicy hot, that is, a la carte and noodles, with some hot pot base. Encountered the unpleasant hot pot base, this bowl of hot and spicy food became a burden. So, choose the bottom of your favorite pot to make.

1. The soup stock is ready-made and can be bought in the supermarket.

2. You can choose your favorite flavor for the hot pot base.

3. Don t cook the fat cow directly in the casserole, otherwise the blood foam from cooking will affect the appearance of the finished food.

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