How to make yam

I ve done a lot of broccoli, but I didn t shoot much. Because, from the pot to the wire drawing, so short process, wire drawing yam, I took two shots, not satisfied twice, so I completely broke the idea of shooting it again. Every time he smiled secretly at a dish that could not be pulled out. You know, this dish can only be eaten while it is out of the pan. This time, I used hydrated sugar. This is also a way of sugar reduction that I usually like. Hydrated sugars are more crispy because they are oil-free and healthier.

1. If conditions permit, it is best to fry ingredients in a pan and fry sugar in a pan.

2. If yam does not hang dry starch, you can use boiling water to drain the water and fry it.

3, fried sugar must observe more, novices must pay attention not to open the fire, observe while frying.

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