Mung bean lily porridge is effective for stomach fire

We often say that the spleen and stomach are the born of birth, because it has the functions of digestion and absorption, and masters the absorption and distribution of body energy. Therefore, if you don t take care of your spleen and stomach , it will be in the supply and energy distribution. It gives you lack of two pounds and less, leaving many organs in your body in a state of slack work, slowing down the metabolism of the body s operation, and Naturally, the work efficiency of the person is low. The care of the spleen and stomach is very important. The five internal organs are the key parts for our operation. If there is a problem with the spleen and stomach, the parts will be loosened . Tighten again and the machine will be fine. If the blood is thick, the machine will not turn, and it will hurt the machine. Too much toxin can easily deform the machine. Therefore, the wise Chinese should understand the recent achievements of an infrequent person. They will never ask directly, but ask eat, and then use eat to infer the answer to the question they want to know. Isn t that true that Lian is quite old and can still handle it?

Here is a health care method for spleen and stomach gas: overlapping hands, rubbing the abdomen clockwise around the navel, mainly to pass, can promote the smooth flow of gastrointestinal gas, rubbing the abdomen counterclockwise, mainly tonic, Play a role in strengthening the spleen. Patients with constipation, rubbing clockwise, if the spleen is weak, add counterclockwise rubbing, 300-500 times each time, 1-2 times a day.

During the festival, many young people fall asleep less than usual, and the false fire rises. Many girls also like to eat while playing, snacks such as melon seeds, peanuts, chocolate, etc., keep too much heat in the body, and emit a lot of acne on the face. This fire flows from the internal heat. Since the anger is eaten out of maggots, it must be dealt with from the source. Eating more whole grains can prevent stomach fire. I still want to emphasize the most important rice, others should pay attention to eat more foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, red dates and honey. By the way, although shiitake mushrooms are also very invigorating, if you have skin disease, pay attention to eat less, do not eat on an empty stomach. If greedy spicy food, barbecue and other irritating food, will damage the spleen and stomach, internal heat, severe mouth erosion will occur. For such fire, eat more beans, millet and other coarse grains and green fresh vegetables, and add light food . The second is to eat more light food. In addition, drinking plenty of water is a good habit to speed up your body s metabolism.

Recommend Mung bean lily porridge is recommended here. Boil mung beans and lilies for 15 minutes, then add rice to the boil, turn to low heat, and boil until the porridge is thin and appropriate. Add rock sugar appropriately. Lily and mung bean s ability to clear heat, detoxify and reduce fire is well-recognized. Mung beans have a sweet taste and a cool nature. Regular eating lily has the effect of nourishing the lungs and clearing the heart, and it is feasible to cough, blood, and appetizers. It s also easier to do. Mung bean lily porridge is hot and refreshing, which can eliminate spleen fever, and those with severe stomach fire can add honeysuckle to the front porridge.

Invigorating Qi and invigorating blood are two complementary steps to nourish the stomach. Simply invigorating qi but not invigorating blood is like putting an empty pot on a very hot stove. Invigorating blood is putting delicious food in the pot. To correct a concept, we cannot rely on a certain food alone to supplement our body, and our diet must be comprehensive. For example, if you already know the foods for blood and gas, you should eat them both often. The effect of eating them alone will not be obvious. This is for sure.

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