Nutritional value and effectiveness of catfish

Catfish, when you think of it, it should be delicious. Especially the catfish soup is very tempting. At the same time, because of the special nutritional value of catfish, it is very helpful to the human body.

Carassius auratus is sweet and mild in temperature, and has the effects of diuretic swelling, qi and spleen, and milk. Can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, lack of food, fatigue, vomiting or diarrhea, spleen deficiency and edema, unfavorable urination , and weak blood flow due to weak qi and blood. Compendium of Materia Medica contains: (catfish) and adzuki bean juice dressing, eliminate edema; oil burns, housewife vulva sores, insecticidal and analgesic; Stir-fried Galla Chinensis, cure blood; Stir-fried loquat leaves, take-off Thirsty; Stuffed with garlic and garlic to drink and cure qi.

Yi Yi: The catfish is gentle and gentle, it can drink water without being dry, and it can nourish the spleen without stagnation, so it is suitable for regular consumption. It can be eaten by the general population, especially for those with chronic nephritis , cirrhosis, ascites, malnutrition, and postpartum milk deficiency.

Steamed carp and soup can be used, but soup is the most common because of the large and thin carp spines, such as papaya, lotus seed, eyebrow bean pot catfish (spleen and heart dehumidification), etc., Black beans (tonifying the kidney and strengthening the spleen, detoxifying the breast, removing dampness and diuresis), gastrodia (removing wind and nourishing the liver) and so on.

Xiao Xiao Zhi Yu Yu Tang is a soup made with dried acid tritween, bonito, pork, jujube, etc., which has the effect of digesting and eliminating fat. Sour tangle is a unique ingredient in Guangdong. It is similar to star fruit. The fruit is green and yellow and divided into five petals. The difference is that the tangle tree is very tall and the fruit is very acid. It is not suitable for raw consumption. Acid tri-twist is usually dried to make acid tri-twist . It can be used for soup to eliminate food, fat, and prevent liver cirrhosis.

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