Pigeon soup should be stewed in this way to be the most nourishing. The soup is fresh, delicious and nutritious

In winter, we need to warm up to resist the cold erosion. When it comes to cold protection, people often think of Sichuan food. Hot Sichuan food will be popular in winter and warm after eating. However, Sichuan cuisine stimulates blood circulation with “spicy”. For those who are not good at spicy food, it is symptomatic, but for those who are not good at spicy food, eating spicy food once will be hard for several days, especially for some parts of the body, with serious consequences. Therefore, warm and hot Sichuan food is not the best choice in winter.

There is a soup, especially suitable for winter. It’s nutritious, warm and delicious. That’s the pigeon soup which has been popular for many years. As the saying goes: one pigeon is better than nine chickens. It means that the nutritional value of a pigeon is better than the nutritional value of nine chickens. By contrast, it describes the nutritional richness of pigeons. Pigeon is a kind of meat with low fat and high protein. It is rich in calcium, iron, copper and other elements. It is also a good food therapy product highly praised by traditional Chinese medicine. With pigeon stew, the soup is delicious and more nourishing than chicken soup.

But many people don’t know how to cook pigeon soup. Do you want to blanch it? If you take a wrong step, the nutrition of pigeons will be greatly reduced. I stewed pigeon soup today, just to share with you the right way.

Chinese wolfberry pigeon soup

[ingredients]: 1 pigeon, 1 pinch of wolfberry, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 tbsp of cooking wine and 4G of salt.

[specific measures]:

1. Pigeons are old and tender. Old pigeons are more suitable for cooking soup. Young pigeons are suitable for barbecue and fried food. Clean the pigeons, wash and drain.

2. Slice ginger and wash wolfberry.

3. Put the whole pigeon into the soup pot, add enough water at one time, and add ginger slices and cooking wine. Move it to the fire, turn it into a small one, cover the pot and simmer for about an hour.

4. After about an hour, add the washed wolfberry and stew for more than ten minutes.

5. When the wolfberry is discolored, add salt to taste and stew for two or three minutes to remove the taste of raw salt, then turn off the fire.

6. Put it into a bowl, eat meat and drink soup, and nourish it.

There are words in the poem:

1. Stew pigeon soup. Pigeon cannot be boiled. Pigeon’s blood is more nourishing than pigeon itself. In such a stew, the nutrition of pigeon soup doubles. Some people say, can the soup smell fishy without blanching? No, add cooking wine and ginger to remove the smell. Because there is no blanching to the blood, so the soup is not so good-looking, it doesn’t matter, nutrition is good.

2. When stewing pigeon soup, you can also add Astragalus, angelica and other herbs to cook together. Different ingredients have different effects, depending on your personal needs.

3. It is better to drink this soup than chicken soup.

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