Scallop steamed Flammulina recipe

A large bag of scallops sent by a friend last time, in addition to soaking the fried rice for the children to cook porridge, occasionally we also tasted fresh. Today, the most classic way of steaming scallops with garlic is to change fans to enoki mushrooms . The scallops and mushrooms collide, and the taste is more delicious. The enoki mushrooms are crispy and refreshing. They are wrapped in strong garlic and soy sauce. The delicious banquet can definitely add points to the culinary skills. The method is simple and only takes 10 minutes.

Scallops can be replaced with shrimp. Xunzi also works. Steamed on high fire, so there will be a lot of water vapor dripping into the soup. Many friends said that the steamed vegetables themselves may be because of insufficient firepower.

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