Sprouts, broad bean and river prawns

Seasoning: cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, onion ginger, salt, soy sauce, pepper, each amount. Method: 1. Remove the bamboo shoots and cut them into thin slices. Rinse them with boiling water and drain the water. 2. Shrimp cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, scallion ginger and pickled. 3. Put cooking oil in the pot, first stir fry the prawns until they turn red and become cooked. 4. Stir shoots of bamboo shoots and broad beans into the wok for a while, add river prawns, salt, soy sauce, and pepper to stir-fry until the soup is dried.

Efficacy: Chinese medicine believes that river prawns are warm and sweet and belong to the liver and kidney meridians. It has the effects of nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac, passing milk and resisting poison. It has certain therapeutic effects on kidney deficiency, milk dysfunction, pain in bones and bones, twitching of hands and feet, itching of the whole body, skin ulcers, physical weakness and nervous breakdown. The prawns are simmered, and the soups are delicious. This Sprouts, Broad Beans, Shrimp is cooked with the addition of richly trace element-rich shoots and broad bean with high plant protein content. The dishes are rich in nutrition, taste delicious, the shoots are crisp, the broad beans are waxy, and the shrimp is tender., Suitable for all types of people, especially the three high people.

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