The efficacy and role of black fungus

Black fungus, which grows on rotten wood, looks like human ears and is black or brownish black. Therefore, it is called black fungus, also known as xylosma, tree chicken. Black fungus is extremely rich in nutrition. According to historical records, it is the exclusive product of the emperors in ancient times. It contains a lot of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, and vitamins. 375 mg of calcium per 100 grams, Which is equivalent to 7 times of catfish ; 185 mg of iron, equivalent to 70 times of catfish.

The black fungus is rich in plant collagen. It has a strong adsorption effect, and it also has the function of dissolving and oxidizing foreign matter such as indigestible hair, chaff, wood residue, sand, and metal shavings. Eating black fungus often can clear the digestive tract and clear the stomach. Especially for workers engaged in severe air pollution such as ore mining, metallurgy, cement manufacturing, hair cutting, flour processing, cotton spinning and wool spinning, regular consumption of black fungus can play a good health role.

Black fungus is hailed by nutritionists as the king of vegetarians and the king of vegetarians. It contains 185 milligrams of iron per 100 grams of black fungus, which is 20 times higher than spinach with the highest iron content in green leafy vegetables . The liver with the highest iron content in food is about 7 times higher, which is the most iron content in various vegetarian foods. Chinese medicine believes that black fungus has a sweet and flat taste and has cooling and hemostatic effects. It treats hemoptysis, vomiting blood, bleeding, bleeding, bleeding, hemorrhoids, and blood in constipation. It is due to its high iron content, which can be supplemented in time Enough iron, so it is a natural blood supplement.

Black fungus is rich in cellulose and a special kind of plant collagen. These two substances can promote gastrointestinal motility, promote the excretion of intestinal fatty foods, reduce the absorption of fats in food, and prevent obesity. At the same time, due to the two This substance can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, and is conducive to the timely removal and discharge of toxic substances in the body stool, thereby preventing rectal cancer and other digestive system cancers. Therefore, the elderly, especially those with constipation habits, insist on eating black fungus and regular fungus porridge, which has a good effect on preventing a variety of senile diseases, anti-cancer, preventing cancer, and delaying aging.

Auricularia auricula has significant resolving effects on endogenous foreign bodies such as gallstones, kidney stones, and bladder stones. Fermentation and plant alkaloids contained in black fungus have the characteristics of promoting the secretion of various glands of the digestive tract and urinary tract, and cooperate with these secretions to catalyze stones, smoothen the pipeline, and make the stones excrete. At the same time, black fungus also contains a variety of minerals, which can produce a strong chemical reaction on various stones, exfoliate, differentiate, and erode stones, shrink the stones and discharge them.

For first-stage stones, keep eating black fungus 1-2 times a day. The symptoms of pain and nausea can be relieved within 2-4 days. The stones can disappear in about 10 days. For larger and stronger stones, the effect is poor. However, if black fungus is consumed for a long time, some people s stones can gradually become smaller and smaller, and excreted from the body.

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