The practice of making noodles

Many places have the custom of junior first dumplings and junior noodles. Today, the editor teaches you to make the most delicious noodles in Tianjin, with the dishes you like. The noodles are so delicious.

Braised ingredients: 100g of pork belly, 2 pieces of dried fragrant, 2 pieces of gluten, 6 pieces of mushrooms, 5 pieces of pine mushrooms, 30 grams of agaric fungus, 20g of fungus, 20 eggs, 3 onions, ginger, garlic, and anise, 1 soy sauce, oyster sauce, 2 tablespoons of chicken noodles, 1 teaspoon of salt, starch, moderate amount of oil, sesame oil

Prepare the ingredients, rinse the shiitake mushrooms and pine mushrooms separately and soak them in warm water in advance. Remove the shiitake mushrooms and pine mushrooms from the foaming water and wash and cut 6mm-8mm wide strips. Leave the foaming water to rest and pour into the other In a bowl, the residue is discarded.

Pour more oil in the wok than usual. Add the star anise and fragrant onion and ginger, add pork belly, and stir-fry. Add two spoons of noodle sauce to fry in oil. Add the mushrooms and pine mushrooms. Stir fry, then add the dried dried slices together and fry in the oil until slightly firm. Add soy sauce and oyster sauce, pour in day lily and fungus and stir-fry. Then pour the mushroom and pine mushroom water.

Then add water, together with the water from the mushrooms and pine mushrooms, add about 2 and a half bowls of usual meal bowls, and finally gluten. After the water is boiling, turn to low heat and cook for about 5 minutes, season with salt, and add more salt. Some, to make the brine taste salty, only when mixing noodles.

Hydrolyze the starch, pour it into the cooked brine, stir slowly, then add the minced garlic, pour the sesame oil on the minced garlic and mix well. Spread into a large bowl and sprinkle with crushed eggs.

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