The practice of soy sauce

As long as you have a rice cooker at home, you can easily make delicious soy sauce dishes. You can choose different soy sauce dishes according to your preferences. In short, it is all delicious.

After cleaning the peanuts and soya beans, soak them in clear water for a night, rinse the coriander, remove the drained water, wash the ginger and cut into large slices. Peel and slice the scallions and slice the radishes. Keep only the cabbage for the spare

Put Put peanuts and a moderate amount of water into the rice cooker, add ginger slices and star anise and slowly cook. After 20 minutes, when the peanuts are cooked, add soy beans and cook for 10 minutes. Add a small spoon of salt .

Finally, add coriander, add an appropriate amount of soy sauce, add dark soy sauce, cover the pot and cook for 15 minutes after the power is turned off. Do not rush the pot, simmer for another 20 minutes, open the pot and add a little MSG seasoning ((Still for a while to make the ingredients more flavorful, otherwise called soy sauce)

Older people make soy sauce with wheat bran before cooking soy sauce. We save trouble now. You can buy any soy sauce. If you want to eat more mouthfuls, put more soy sauce. Smoke, neither color nor salty

It is best not to put a little oil in sautéed soy sauce vegetables. This is convenient for preservation and is not easy to spoil. Use chopsticks to clean them every time you eat.

I use a domestic rice cooker to cook soy sauce. After cooking it, I will skip to the automatic insulation. It consumes less water and is very convenient. When using an ordinary pot, remember to use a small fire to prevent it from burning.

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