The practice of winter melon

Winter melon is mainly produced in summer. The name of winter melon is because when the melon is ripe, there is a layer of white powder on the surface, just like the white frost formed in winter. This is also the reason.

Winter melon, the fruit is round, oblate or oblong, the size varies depending on the fruit species, the small weight weighs several kilograms, the large tens of kilograms; the skin is green, the surface of mature fruits of most varieties has white powder ; Juice, light taste, can be eaten with young or old melon. The quality of the winter melon, in addition to the tender melon that is harvested early, is generally required for the old melon that is harvested late: fully developed, mature, succulent, thick, and small ventricle; skin color is green, with frost, well-shaped, and cuticle No spots and trauma, the skin is not soft and does not rot.

The dietary fiber content of gourd melon is as high as 0.7%, which can improve blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol in the body, lower blood lipids, and prevent arteriosclerosis. Gourd contains glyceric acid, which controls the conversion of sugars into fat in the body, prevents fat accumulation, prevents high blood pressure, and has a good effect in weight loss.

Regulate immune function, improve clinical symptoms, and protect kidney function. The folks use the melon skin, fava beans and water to boil, remove residues and drink water, which can cure kidney disease edema and heart disease edema. Winter melon carp soup can treat chronic nephritis.

Vitamin B1 for cancer prevention and selenium with anti-cancer function are quite abundant in melon. In addition, the crude fiber in melon can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, so that carcinogens accumulated in the intestine can be expelled from the body as soon as possible.

The average person can consume melon, suitable for kidney disease, edema, cirrhosis, ascites, cancer, beriberi, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, obesity, and those who lack vitamin C.

Loquat melon juice and melon extract can increase animal urine output, alleviate the degree of nephropathy caused by mercury rise, and have a significant effect on reducing serum muscle intoxication. Histopathology showed that total melon (high-dose) and cucurbitacin had significant protective and blocking effects on kidney injury caused by mercury rise.

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