Vinegar Sambo

The sambo in the vinegar sambo refers to black beans, peanuts, and ginger, and vinegar is a common method for health. Vinegar has a good digestion and appetizing effect, and promotes nutritional absorption.

1. Vinegar soaked black beans: Put the black beans into a pot, stir fry until the skin of the beans cracks, and then fry for another 1 or 2 minutes. Put them in a glass bottle after fully cooling, inject Heran organic brown rice vinegar, and store them in a sealed container. The amount of black beans should be 1/3 of the bottle. That is, black beans 1/3, vinegar 2/3, black beans will absorb vinegar and swell, not too much. After the black beans soak, they can be eaten with meals, three or five capsules at a time, long-term adherence!

2. Peanuts in vinegar: Select fresh peanuts, wash and drain them, put them in a bottle, inject Heran organic brown rice vinegar, seal and store them in a cool place. The amount of peanuts is about 1/2 of the bottle. If you use dried peanuts, the amount should be less. It can be eaten after soaking in a cool place for a week, and 5 to 10 capsules for dinner every day.

3. Ginger with vinegar: Wash and drain the ginger, cut it into thin slices, put it into a bottle, and inject the organic brown rice vinegar into the bottle. Keep it in a cool place, and eat it after soaking for a week . Take 2 to 4 tablets daily, eat in the morning, and stick to it for a long time!

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