Vinegar soaked watermelon peel can help lower blood pressure

Due to the high summer temperature, it is also difficult for some patients with hypertension to control hypertension. Chinese medicine experts recommend that patients with hypertension may wish to eat vinegar and soak watermelon peel in summer, which is very helpful for patients with hypertension, so dont lose the watermelon peel after eating watermelon.

It is recommended that the test take 250 grams of fresh watermelon peel (peel the inner and outer green peels and cut into one-cm wide strips) and 500 grams of vinegar. Soak the watermelon rind in vinegar for 4 hours and eat watermelon sticks once a day. 15 days is a course of treatment.

The number of hypertensive patients in our country is on the rise, and the incidence is getting younger and younger. Hypertension has become the most harmful disease in China, and we have to prevent it. Once the blood pressure is high, we must prevent and treat early. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that watermelon is sweet and cold, and has three functions: returning to the heart, stomach, and bladder. It has the effects of clearing away heat and relieving heat, removing irritability and thirst, urinate, and lowering blood pressure. It is clinically used for high fever, thirst, heat, sweating, nephritis, urination, hypertension, etc. Have a certain effect. 94% of watermelon melons are water, as well as sugar, vitamins, a variety of amino acids, and a small amount of inorganic salts. These substances can most effectively supplement the body s water and nutrition at high temperatures; secondly, the intake of water and Inorganic salts are metabolized into urine, and they can also take away excess calories to achieve the effect of clearing summer heat. Watermelon is cold and non-toxic. It not only eliminates anxiety and quenches thirst, relieves heat from fever, but also broad and moderate gas, benefit from small water , cure blood dysentery, relieve alcohol poisoning, and cure aphthous ulcers.

Watermelon peel TCM is called watermelon green, and its effect in clearing heat and diuresis is far better than that of melon. It is not only a good product for relieving summer heat, but also a good product for cooling and thirst-relieving diuretics. For those with high blood pressure, heart and kidney edema, Have health effects. Clinical experience, this prescription is effective for patients with hypertension in summer, dizziness, upset due to sweltering weather, and elevated blood pressure. Watermelon peel can remove heat and annoyance, vinegar tastes sour into the liver, and can converge the liver and Pingyang. The two flavors play a role in flattening the liver and converging the liver.

People with renal insufficiency. This type of person s ability to expel water from the body is greatly reduced, and edema of the lower limbs or the body often occurs. The water content of watermelon is nearly 95%, which not only makes the edema worse, but also easily induces acute heart failure.

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