Walk into China, take you to appreciate Chinese food culture

Once when “China on the tip of the tongue” came out, it was a huge wave in China. Chinese culture is broad and profound, so is Chinese food culture. There are many kinds of Chinese food, which can be made into many kinds of food, such as flying in the sky, running on the ground, swimming in the water and growing in trees.
This is where Chinese food culture is broad and profound. Today, Xiaobian doesn’t want to talk about dessert, but wants to talk about our local food.
All Chinese people know that every Chinese has a Chinese stomach. Western vegetable salad, steak, bread and so on are not our Chinese flavor. Every meal in China is very exquisite. Like our breakfast. Breakfast is not milk bread like western countries.
There are many kinds of breakfast in China, such as xiaolongbao, soybean milk, fried dough sticks, congee, Shaomai, Shaobing, etc. Chinese people don’t like monotony when eating, so all kinds of breakfast can just satisfy our Chinese stomach.
In China, there are also many very famous breakfast shops. For example, fangpo pastry shop in Nanjing. Their breakfast can be said to be unique. Rice dumplings, zongzi, sugar taro seedlings and so on are all the signs of their home.
It can be said that their family’s wide variety of breakfast can basically be very thoughtful to meet most people’s breakfast stomach. In addition, Yonghe King, a chain store, is also a very famous breakfast shop. Their rice balls are basically limited in time.
There are so many choices for breakfast, let alone lunch. Lunch is the most abundant meal in a day for Chinese people. Generally, it’s the most convenient way for a family to have three dishes and one soup at noon.
Westerners usually like to eat salad, steak, pasta and so on at noon. And we Chinese like home cooked dishes in hot pot.
In the aspect of meat dishes, braised pork, braised goose, stewed pork with cabbage, lamb chops, etc. have become one of the candidates for big dishes on the table. I believe many people have heard about Beijing roast duck. The main course is a regular on the table. Generally, a dinner party in a hotel is not without such a main course.
As the saying goes, meat and vegetable combination is the most nutritious. Therefore, if you have meat dishes, you need vegetable dishes. Okra, leek, cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables can be fried on the table in many different flavors. For example, oyster sauce lettuce, fried lettuce, boiled okra, dry fried okra and so on.
These vegetables are very important for many Chinese people. They can provide the vitamins that the human body needs every day. And it’s easy to get fat if you eat too much meat. These delicious and nutritious vegetarian dishes are really effective for keeping your body in shape.
Of course, with food, you have to have soup. Westerners like to drink pumpkin soup and cream mushroom soup, while we Chinese like the kind of steaming stew. For example, white gourd ribs soup, hoof and arm soup, mutton soup, etc. Every piece of meat tastes just right soft.
If you want to drink a little vegetable soup, you can have some tomato and egg soup, Wensi tofu soup. The taste will be slightly light, but it is very satisfying to eat.
Finally, the meal Xiaobian will introduce to you is our dinner. It’s our Chinese eating habit to have a good breakfast, a full lunch and a little dinner at night. No, that’s why this evening’s meal is more casual for us Chinese.
Most will continue to eat lunch. Or, we will have some porridge in the evening. Black rice porridge, purple potato porridge, pumpkin porridge, together with the salted vegetables in my family, the taste is amazing.
Or, we will eat it at night. Noodle soup, dry mixed noodles, cold noodles and so on will be our choice. It’s really wonderful to have a poached egg in it when making noodles. Maybe you want to have a bowl of rice. Fried rice with vegetables, fried rice with eggs, etc. are also different choices, which will make the monotonous rice very special.
When it comes to Chinese food, how can we not talk about our dumplings. Dumpling, small wonton and big wonton are all the pasta we Chinese like very much. This kind of pasta can be fried for breakfast, boiled for lunch and dinner.
Celery meat filling, leek egg filling, egg yolk shrimp filling are very classic dumpling filling. And steamed dumplings with pure meat. The soup in this steamed dumpling is even more unique. The fresh and tender soup is matched with the fat meat. It’s wonderful when you eat it and it’s ready to melt.
This is our Chinese food culture. In fact, China’s food culture is not only these, but also the tip of the iceberg. So, it’s the best thing to do as a Chinese foodie to have a good experience of our profound food culture.
The diversity of three meals makes our life more colorful and happy. Do you think so, too?

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