What is diarrhea?

1. What foods are good for diarrhea patients:

In the case of severe diarrhea, fasting to the intestine can adjust the time in the early stage. During the remission period, you can eat semi-liquid foods with less oiliness, less residue, high protein, high heat energy, and high vitamins, such as rice soup, gruel, noodles, and light Tea, juice, etc. Eat some light rice soup in the early days, and it is best to eat liquid foods such as noodles after the mid-term improvement. These foods are easy to digest and absorb, and contain a lot of electrolytes needed by the human body, and they can also add calories and vitamins. Eat less and eat more.

2. What foods cannot be eaten by diarrhea patients:

1) Eat less sweets: sugars tend to ferment and flatulence.

2) Minimize eating vegetables: Many fresh vegetables such as pakchoi, leeks, spinach, cabbage, etc. contains nitrite or nitrate. Generally, these vegetables have no adverse effects on the body. However, when people are suffering from diarrhea, digestive dysfunction, or low gastric acid, nitrate-reducing bacteria in the intestine multiply. At this time, eating the above vegetables, even if the vegetables are very fresh, will cause poisoning and cause enteric cyanosis.

3) Cold fruits: such as guava, pear, pineapple, star fruit, persimmon and other cold fruits.

4) Fried and fried foods: meat, eggs, ham, sausages, cured meats.

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