Beijing Innovative Foreigner Work Management Service in China

  Open a consultation hotline, organize a group lecture, simplify the process … The Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau continues to innovate the foreigner s management service system in China, sending multi-form, personalized and accurate services to foreign talents, and helping Beijing with more foreign experts and foreigners Development has created a positive external environment and reflects Beijing s temperature.

  In the past, foreigners learned about policies through the Internet. Now the Human Resources and Social Security Department not only opened 12333 consultation hot money, but also proactively went to enterprises and universities to send policies. Through one-on-one lectures on single issues , group lectures on complex issues, and appointment appointments on common issues, we provide face-to-face policy consultation and answers to service companies, and open up one kilometer for policy formulation and one kilometer for policy implementation. In addition , a monthly policy training day has been set up to organize policy briefings in the government service hall to provide warm services and excellent services. At present, 15 seminars have been successfully held, and more than 200 enterprises and institutions have participated in the training.

  In recent years, the city has used project funding support as a starting point to attract high-end foreign talents to Beijing for innovation and entrepreneurship. Actively meet the major strategic deployments of non-capital functions, and optimize and upgrade the industrial structure. Demand for highly sophisticated industrial talents, proactively provide services, and develop medical and health, software and information services, big data, environmental engineering, and new materials for the city. In the fields of agriculture and ecological agriculture, foreign experts are actively introduced.

  In order to better serve enterprises, foreign experts have successively visited Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers,, Didi, Today s Headline, Contempt Technology, FESCO, etc., and have conducted discussions and exchanges with enterprises around foreign talent introduction. Employers have difficulty in recruiting talents and needs, organize point-to-point policy coaching and training, and establish communication and coordination mechanisms with enterprises.

  In this regard, Mr. Zhu Jinhua, PwC s Global Dispatch Service China Partner, felt particularly deep: Beijing s approval of talent visas and green channels for high-end talent permits are very convenient compared to other provinces and cities nationwide. The company employs many foreign nationals Talent, including many high-end customers around the world, have enjoyed these conveniences, especially the talent visa confirmation letter takes only 2-3 working days from application to certification, which reflects Beijing s international service level as a metropolis.

  In recent years, with the continuous optimization of the work management service system for foreigners coming to China, foreign specialists have successfully formed a working model of comprehensive reception at the front desk, classified approval at the backstage, and unified window submission to realize the entire process management of foreigners work in China.. At the same time, it actively promoted the decentralization of acceptance authority and set up district-level office windows in Chaoyang District, Haidian District, and Shunyi District, where foreign talents are concentrated, so that about 60% of foreign talents in this city can choose their localities to handle related business and further optimize the approval process. Reduce the settlement period. In addition, a column was also opened in the window of the capital to explain the work of foreigners in China through micro-videos and the application procedures, and work together offline and online to create a high-quality b usiness environment.

  Attracting foreign talents requires not only a good working platform, but also the temperature of Beijing. In order to help foreign experts integrate and adapt to life in Beijing more quickly, foreign experts actively organize and plan various activities and send them personalized services. Since October 2015, the foreign college has provided one-on-one Chinese language learning services to more than 200 foreign high-level talents. It also signed cooperation agreements with 7 international schools, targeting foreign high-level talents with foreign children s enrollment needs, and foreign specialties, recommending their children s enrollment and assisting in preferential admission.

  In addition, foreign specialists have also launched the Rongzhi Beijing high-end medical insurance program for foreigners, encouraging employers to subsidize employer funds after paying commercial medical insurance for foreign experts. So far, more than 3 million yuan of subsidies have been provided to 179 high-end foreign experts.

  Next, the Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will integrate social security, employment, training and other human social security resources that are suitable for the people s livelihood, build a voluntary service brand rich in human and social professional elements, and actively carry out temperature-based service activities.

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