Can I claim compensation for bigamy within one year of divorce?

According to the relevant laws of our country, if it is known within one year of the divorce that the other party has had a bigamy before the divorce, the victim can bring a lawsuit for divorce damages to the court.

Article 30 When a people s court accepts a divorce case, it shall notify the parties in writing of the relevant rights and obligations of the parties in Article 46 of the Marriage Law and other provisions. In applying Article 46 of the Marriage Law , the following different situations should be distinguished:

(2) An innocent party who meets the requirements of Article 46 of the Marriage Law, as the plaintiff, shall file a claim for damages with the People s Court based on the provisions of this Article, and must submit it at the same time as the divorce proceedings.

A divorce lawsuit that meets the requirements of Article 46 of the Marriage Law as the defendant. If the defendant does not agree with the divorce and does not file a claim for damages based on this provision, he may file a separate suit within one year after the divorce.

In the divorce case where the innocent party is the defendant, the defendant did not file a claim for damages based on Article 46 of the Marriage Law in the first instance. If it is filed during the second instance, the people s court shall conduct mediation. To sue.

Big marriage refers to the illegal act of having a spouse and marrying another person, that is, a person has two or more marriage relationships at the same time. If there is one of the following circumstances, it is regarded as bigamy:

After registering marriage with a spouse, registering marriage with another person and remarrying. That is the big marriage of two legal marriages. Those who have a spouse register to get married with others, those who are bigamy deceiving the marriage registration authority to obtain a marriage certificate, and those who are bigamy and the staff of the registration authority colluding and cheating to obtain a marriage certificate.

Unmarried with spouse and others, but remarried with the spouse and others in the name of a husband and wife together, this is the big marriage of two factual marriages.

Living with the original spouse as a husband and wife without registering, and then remarrying after registering with another person, this is the first legal marriage.

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