Can meritorious deductions be superimposed?

According to China s relevant laws, criminals who have both surrendered and performed meritorious commutes are statutory commutations. However, commutations are not simply superimposed. Instead, sentencing is based on factors such as meritorious acts and surrender.

Article 67 [Summary] An automatic surrender is made after committing a crime. Those who truthfully confess their crimes are surrendered. Criminals who surrender can be given a lighter or lighter punishment. Where crimes are relatively minor may be exempted from punishment.

Mandatory The criminal suspects, defendants and criminals serving sentences who have been taken compulsory measures, who truthfully confess to their own other crimes that have not yet been grasped by the judicial organs, shall confess themselves.

Although the criminal suspect does not have the confession provided in the preceding two paragraphs, if he truthfully confesses his crime, he can be given a lighter punishment; if he truly confesses his crime and avoids particularly serious consequences, the punishment can be reduced.

Article 68 [Contributions] If criminals disclose the criminal behavior of others, verify the facts, or provide important clues, so that they can solve other cases, such as meritorious deeds, the punishment can be reduced or reduced; if there are major meritorious deeds , they can be reduced Or waive penalties.

We know that criminals who have been sentenced to probation for the death penalty will be sentenced to life imprisonment after the two-year term expires if there is no intentional crime during the probation period; if there are major achievements, they will be reduced to two after the expiration of the two-year term. Fifteen years in prison. Then, after commutation to life imprisonment and 25 years imprisonment, if the substantive conditions for commutation are met, commutation can still be granted. However, the criminals who have been sentenced to reprieve for reprieve for intentional homicide, rape, and other serious violence may be sentenced to commutation by the court.

Suspended death sentences for recidivists sentenced to reprieve, as well as burning, fornication, explosive torture (arson, intentional homicide, rape, robbery, explosion, release of dangerous substances, abduction or organized violent crime) After the expiration of the execution period, the reduction to life imprisonment shall not be less than twenty-five years, and after the suspension of the expiration of the execution period, the reduction to 25 years imprisonment shall not be less than 20 years.

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