Can prostitution be sentenced to detention?

According to the provisions of China s criminal law, the introduction of prostitution crimes is relatively light. People s courts can sentence criminals to prison terms of up to five years, detention or control, so they can be sentenced to detention.

Article 359 [The crime of seduce, tolerate, or introduce prostitution] Those who seduce, tolerate, or introduce prostitution to others shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, detention or control, and fined; if the circumstances are serious, they shall be sentenced to more than five years And fines.

The crime object of this crime is others, where others mainly refers to women, but also includes men. Other people can be a single person or multiple people, and the number of introduction objects and the number of introductions do not affect the composition of the crime.

Introduction refers to the act of building bridges and matching between prostitutes and clients, so that other people s prostitution activities can be realized, commonly known as pimping. In practice, the way of introduction is mostly two-way introduction, such as introducing prostitutes to clients, or bringing clients to the prostitutes residences to match face to face, but it does not exclude one-way introductions. Those who go to hook up on their own.

Of The subject of this crime is a general subject, that is, any natural person who has reached the age of criminal responsibility and has the capacity for criminal responsibility to seduce, tolerate, or introduce others to prostitution may constitute this crime.

This crime is intentional in its subjective aspect. That is, the perpetrator knows that he or she is trying to seduce, tolerate, or introduce others into prostitution, and knows that such behavior will cause harm to the society, and hopes or pursues it.

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