China ranked second in world military strength in 2017

Regarding China s military strength, there are currently two main views. One is a blind self-confidence. To these people, the service of a large number of new weapons is a symbol of China s military strength overtaking the United States and Russia . In these people s eyes, China s military strength is different from that of the United States and Russia for decades, and even some small neighboring countries are not as good. There is no doubt that these two views are one-sided, so objectively speaking, what level is China s current military strength in the world? Legend: The two factions mentioned above on the Chinese Air Force J-20 fighter aircraft made the same mistake involuntarily when evaluating China s military strength: the strength of the military was completely attributed to the performance level of weapons and equipment. We said that the strength of a country s military strength needs to be comprehensively evaluated from multiple dimensions, including but not limited to weapons and equipment, strategic principles, guiding theories, command systems, technical tactics, execution capabilities, industrial foundations, and warrior spirit. It is not difficult to see that weapons and equipment are only one of the components, but weapons and equipment are definitely not the determinants of a country s military strength. Simply evaluating the level of military strength based on the advancement of weapons and equipment is bound to only lead to wrong conclusions. Legend: The latest Chinese Navy 056-class guided missile frigate 513 Ezhou ship retreated 10,000 steps. Even from a purely equipment perspective, China s military power cannot rank second in the world. Let us briefly explain the difference in the number of Air Force fighters. The United States Air Force, we only talk about the United States Air Force, not to mention the equally powerful US Navy Air Force and the US Air National Guard. The US Air Force alone is equipped with more than 5,400 aircraft of v arious types (statistics released by the US Air Force in 2016); we are to the north Although the Russian Air Force s neighbors have been short of funds in recent years, it still maintains a fleet size of about 3,500. According to foreign media estimates, the total number of Chinese Air Force fighters is about 3,000, including about 500 second-generation aircraft (J (-7, J-8), and by contrast, the oldest fighters of the US and Russian air forces are also representative of the three generations of F-16 and Su-27. As for the strategic air force aircraft refueling aircraft and strategic transport aircraft, it is much worse. The US Air Force has 491 tankers, while the Chinese Air Force has only 4 IL-78 tankers, which is the gap. Legend: It is true that the Chinese Navy s Liaoning aircraft carrier formation has many advanced equipment in service in recent years, such as J-20 fighters, J-16 fighter bombers, Yun-20 transport aircraft, Wuzhi-10 helicopters, 052D destroyers, 056 frigates, Dongfeng 31A strategic ballistic missiles, etc., but these equipments still cannot bring about a change in China s military power, let alone a qualitative leap. It will take decades to upgrade weapons and equipment alone, and military technology outside China will surely be progressing at the same time. Therefore, for a long time to come, China will still be catching up with the US and Russia During the long journey of power, the title of the world s second military power is not yet in line with China .

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